Hi, I’m Suman Mysore a Leader. Manager. Engineer.

With a commitment to advancing power systems and enhancing operational excellence, my direction has significantly influenced over 75 projects, contributing to the development of approximately 800 miles of transmission infrastructure. This website is a portal to my professional journey, highlighting transformative projects and the accolades they have garnered. Join me in exploring the endeavors that punctuate my career and our collective energy future.

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What I Do

Power Infrastructure Development

I lead the planning and execution of large-scale transmission line projects, enhancing power grid reliability further expanding the US Power Grid

Strategic Project/Portfolio Management

With a keen focus on quality and efficiency, direct cross-functional teams and oversee the project lifecycle from conception to completion, ensuring excellence and adherence to industry standards

Technical Leadership

Guiding technical innovations in power transmission lines, I provide mentorship to engineering teams, fostering growth and advancing industry practices

Industry Analysis

My in-depth market analysis uncovers operational pain points and directs strategic improvements, paving the way for robust business opportunities

Risk Management & Compliance

I meticulously evaluate project risks and ensure compliance with NERC, FERC, and regional and client standards, safeguarding project integrity.

Operational Excellence

By optimizing project staffing and resources, I drive initiatives that bolster efficiency and contribute significantly to revenue growth and business development

15+ Years of Experience

What I Have




Contact With Me

Suman Mysore

Let's create something remarkable together. Feel free to reach out through my contact form or directly via email for any collaborative opportunities.

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